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Christmas Club 2018 – Join Today!

So Silver Christmas 2017

To get the best out of our Christmas Club join today! 2017  members are already flocking back for another year full of savings.  Set and forget, then spend up big on yourself, family and friends for Christmas.  Use our Christmas Club as a savings plan for your big event, an engagement, your wedding.  So Christmas Club – “I Love It”.  For as little as $5.00 a week you can make Christmas shopping a breeze.  Sign up today joining is free, discounts are great!. “Join Today and Save!”



I Love It Register

In store we have our I Love It Register up and running, this is a great way to always get the right gift for your loved ones.  If they haven’t yet set up their I Love It Register get them to come in to the store and get them to choose up to 5 items in store to go onto the I LOVE It Register, and then you pop in and we get to work showing you what they LOVE!

The Team at So Silver xx


Tree of Life

What does the TREE OF LIFE represent?

It represents the value of family in a tree sense.  The roots represent family members of the past. The reaching branches represent the ever growing beauty of new family, connecting generations.  We also have an extensive collection of TREE OF LIFE pendants in our Burnie and Devonport Stores.


The Team at So Silver xx




Well our first month of having our Online Web store up and running has been Awesome!!

What is with the INFINITY Craze?

The Infinity range which we have in our stores has been selling like hot cakes! Whether it be for a close mother daughter bond, boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship or for that friend who is always there for you, then the Infinity symbol is a great present. The Infinity symbol which is similar to that of a figure of eight means that our Paths are intertwined forever, it symbolises the following:

– Never ending love

– Never ending Commitment

– Never ending Friendship

– Never ending Family